Learning to Educate the Gifted

In many classes across the globe, students who are gifted in any or all subjects are rare. The educational system is not based on their...


A Class of Average Students

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Assisting Struggling Students

There are few professions where the practitioners are more dedicated than in teaching, and those who work with the most challenged students are among the...

Educators all have in common that feeling of joy when a student’s face lights up as they understand a concept they are being taught, and many of them look forward to those moments. It is not always easy to reach them, and they do realize that every pupil has their own ability to learn. Sorting out students according to their diverse abilities has always been a chore for many teachers, but they will be much more successful in conveying information if they take that time.

Many people outside the education system believe all teachers prefer students who get every concept immediately, but this is not always true. While some of them prefer to work with gifted students, others are just as happy to work with those who find learning to be a challenge. In both groups, a student who suddenly understands a concept gives them the same joy to celebrate their success.